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Overview: Windows XP Performance and Security

This page complements the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Resource page at My colleague and friend, Fred Avolio, commented that I had written and discovered many articles about XP security and performance, but that he could not easily find them when searching sites with the keyphrase "windows XP security".

What started as a simple effort to collect my own resources has, of course, blossomed into a more general although not comprehensive collection of articles and expert advise that I have come to rely upon to install and manage Windows XP systems.

If you find this page useful, or know of other resources I should list, contact me. It's a pleasure to be a blog host on this topic.

While certainly relevant, I have not duplicated XP Service Pack 2, anti-spyware, and antivirus resources here. Visit my other pages via the hyperlinks in the leftmost column of this page.


Windows XP Performance Stuart Sechrest and Michael Fortin
Restore Your Computer's Performance with Windows XP Tony Northrup
The Elder Geek on Windows XP
Customize a new XP Installation
Network Techs
Windows XP Performance Tips Chief Bargainmeister
TweakHound's Super XP Tweaking Guide
Beginners Guides: 99 Performance Tips for Windows XP PCStats
Windows XP SP2 Service Configurations Black Viper

The definitive list for optimizing your PC for work, networking, and gaming

Scrub Your Hard Drive Clean! Fred Langa

Utilities to help recover wasted disk space on XP systems

How can I defragment the hiberfil.sys file in Windows 2000 and later? John Savill

Helpful hint for removing files that won't defrag

Power Options for Your Laptop Zubair Alexander
Ten Ways to Make Windows XP Run Better Fred Langa
Ten More ways to Make Windows XP Run Better Fred Langa
Take the "Sting" Out of XP Performance Issues Dave Piscitello
Windows XP Home and Professional Configuration 411 Pages Black Viper
Black Viper's Articles and Information: Windows Professional
Dave Piscitello's Weblog: Window$
A description of Svchost.exe in Windows XP MKBA Q314056
Glossary of Windows (2000) Services
Windows XP Default settings for services
Disable unnecessary services to improve workstations performance
DLL Dump: all the DLLs you'll ever need
Windows XP performance and online games.

See Microsoft Knowledge Base 909944 is helpful for improving online game performance as well.
INF Dump: all the INF files you'll ever need

Windows dll and inf files cause numerous errors when missing or damaged, find replacements here

XP Security

Windows XP Security Guide
NSA Security Configuration Guidelines for Windows XP
Top Four Windows Services to Disable - Maybe
What is the System File Checker
Guidance for Securing Microsoft Windows XP Systems for IT Professionals

A NIST Security Configuration Checklist

Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Admin Knowledge Base
Center for Internet Security: Windows 2000 and XP Benchmark and Scoring Tools

IMO, the best way to learn about and configure XP security

How to Harden Your Microsoft Web Server Dave Piscitello
Stepping Up to Windows XP: What to Expect at Your Firewall Dave Piscitello
Securing XP Desktops: Account and Auditing Policies Dave Piscitello

Securing XP Desktops: Controlling Local Use and Network Access Dave Piscitello
Recovering Windows XP using the Recovery Console Johannes Helmig
Windows XP SP2 Firewall Information Core Competence Resource Page
How to Use the SPCheck Tool in Windows XP Robert J. Shimonski
Simple Sharing and ForceGuest
About User Management and Security in Windows XP Johannes Helmig
Windows XP Access control via Security Johannes Helmig
Sample security policies and guidelines
Securing a Windows XP Desktop Stanford University ITSS
Increasing Windows 2000 and XP Security

These 10 articles comprise the Windows Security Checklist, by Larry Stevenson (a.k.a., Prince_Serendip)

Part 1: Firewalls and Antivirus Applications
Part 2: To Do and Do Not
Part 3: Safe at Any Speed Online
Part 4: Securing Your Network
Part 5: Are Cookies Really Guid for You?
Part 6: Invisible Internet Browsing
Part 7: HOSTS File: Wholesale Blocking
Part 8: IM Insecure
Part 9: Batting Clean-up
Part 10: PC Pesticides


Troubleshoot Windows XP Professional
Windows XP File Association Registry Fixes

List of Registry files you can use to restore the default launch/opensetting for a file extension.

Forgot the Administrator's Password?
Windows XP problems with damaged or incompatible hardware MKBA #330181
Products Designed for Microsoft Windows, Windows Catalog and HCL

Reasonably comprehensive and well-maintained list. TIP: keyword search the page!

Windows (2000) Hardware Compatibility List Microsoft
Devices May Not Power Up Properly When Resuming From Standby MKBA #311542
"STOP 0x0000008e" error message during Windows XP setup MKBA #315335

RAM configuration or faulty RAM problem